MIDI, Music and Keyboard Fun!

Jazz, Classical and anything else - We simply love to play and listen to MUSIC!

  • In the 1990's we started out creating "backing tracks" available in General MIDI format and targeted for the home player.
    • While no longer available, all of those GM format disks were created and recorded on a Roland KR-15.
  • Along the way we recorded and released a few CD's. Some of them are still available.
  • Over time, we added a Roland Integra-7  and Roland A-800 Controller.
  • On the software side we have been a long time user of Cakewalk products dating to back to version 3.x and now run the latest version of Sonar.
  • ** Update ** - The Roland KR-15 has moved on to a new owner. It was a great instrument but was starting to get a bit-dated.  Moving forward we will be doing things on our new Wersi Sonic OAX700.